Push The Limits
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Thx!
4. Legal stuff
1. Introduction
Push The Limits is my first longer GPL video. I wanted to demonstrate how GPL itself pushed the limits of gameplay and how the people of the GPL community push their own or other limits every day by creating amazing things like alien hotlaps, tools, add-ons and so on.
This video was made over a period of nearly half a year, with some big breaks inbetween due to lack of freetime. The first ideas came to my mind even a lot earlier, when tools like Camera Control Master weren't available yet. Although it's relatively short in time, Push The Limits has, I think, by far the most special effects ever seen in a GPL movie, and that's the main reason why it took so much time to make it.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching this movie as much as I enjoyed fiddling with it. Have fun! ;)
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2. Installation
0. Make sure that your computer system meets the following requirements:
- 600 MHz or higher CPU
- 300 MB of harddisk space
- DirectX 8.0 or higher installed
- DivX 5.0 or higher installed
1. Download the video. There are two possibilities:
- A high quality version (640x380, ~218 MB) kindly hosted by Paul Jackson.
- A low quality version (320x190, ~70 MB) from this server.
2. Doubleclick the downloaded file, set the player to fullscreen mode, crank your audio system waaay up and enjoy ;).
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3. Thx!
I have to thank all of these people without whom this video would not have been finished ever:
- GenlyAi
for creating and sharing GPL2AVI. Sorry, chap, I forgot to put your name in the credits! *silly me* :(
- Peter "GPLForever" van der Burg
for creating and sharing Camera Control Master - a dream became true.
- Tammo "kb" Hinrichs
for creating and sharing his wonderful music.
- Michael Kern
for borrowing me his computer hard- and software.
- All GPLlers out there
for being the f***ing best community ever!
- My lovely wife Erika
for being so patient with me and my hobby. I love you!
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4. Legal stuff
Push The Limits is copyright (C) 2002 by Joachim Blum
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This document is (c) 2002, Joachim Blum. All rights reserved.